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D) secondary consumer eating a primary consumer which then eats a producer. 13.The diagram below represents a woodpecker finch. This bird may best be described as A)snake eating a bird B)tree absorbing minerals C)fungus breaking down wastes D)deer eating grass 14.A relationship between a consumer and producer is best illustrated by a A)toads and snakes B)deer and mice C)wolves and raccoons D)grasshoppers and toads A relationship between a producer and consumer is best illustrated by a a. snake eating a bird. c. lion eating a zebra.

A consumer eating a producer represents

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C) consumer eating a producer which then consumes chemoautotrophic bacteria. D) secondary consumer eating a primary consumer which then eats a producer. 2012-01-01 2020-07-26 2020-02-14 2007-09-14 · A consumer is any organism that eats off another. Producers are organisms that live off bacteria or particles in soil or the air, including water. An example of a producer, as stated above, is Producer, because it produces food than eating them.

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The most likely explanation for showing fewer organisms at each feeding level going up the snake eating a bird . tree absorbing minerals .

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Source(s): consumer eating producer represents: 0 0. Anonymous. 5 years ago. 5) A consumer eating a producer represents A) a transfer of chemical nutrients and energy. B) a transfer of chemical nutrients but not a transfer of energy.

A consumer eating a producer represents

Where do they get the energy they need  Producers. Unlike humans and other animals, plants can actually make or “ produce” their own food, so we call them The prefix “eco” means home and “ system” implies a Primary Consumers get their energy from eating plants. Animals t Organisms are divided into three categories: producers, consumers, and decomposers. Producers= Pgs. 26-33.
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A consumer eating a producer represents

Food Webs A food web is an ecological model that represents multiple pathways  Owls eat Small Birds. 3. Producers and Consumers. Plants are called producers because they make their own food. They are at the start of a food chain. Animals   primary producers, consumers and decomposers. On land and in the ocean, producers are plants that convert energy from representing who eats whom.

Consumers. You may have heard the word 'consumer' in everyday life. Chances are good that you think of shoppers as consumers, people who buy goods. Consumers (food chain) What if a goat is eating is it a consumer or producer? Asked by Wiki User.
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answer choices. A) Sun --> carnivores --> producers --> herbivores. B) Sun --> producers --> herbiovres --> carnivores. C) Sun --> herbivores --> carniviores --> herbivores.

(Remember that most animals eat more than one kind of food). The students will begin to see how complex a food web is. Next add the secondary and tertiary consumers in rows above the producers. Again, discuss the connections between primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers. Click here 👆 to get an answer to your question ️ Is a girl eating noodles a consumer or producer Refer to Figure 7-4.
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that the producers outnumber first-level consumers.